Chit Chat with a Cunningham Couple: Tara + Patrick

Okay…well now I’m intrigued. They wouldn’t answer our question about something surprising we can expect to see! I guess we’ll all be impatiently waiting to see what happens in a few short weeks!

Names: Tara Studley and Patrick Mejia
Hometown(s) & Current Town: 
Veazie, Maine (Tara) and Madrid, Spain (Patrick).
Now we live in Portland, Maine (where we met 4 and a half years ago).

Wedding Date: October 13, 2018


How’d you know s/he was the one?
Patrick: the night I met Tara, we were at a bar where a bluegrass band was playing. I saw her tapping her foot along to the music, and I was hooked! I love the way she dances, and how she really appreciates music.

Tara: Patrick’s smile won me over immediately - it lit up the room! Then I found out how much he cares about his family and friends, and I realized that he would be a great person to build a life with.

Where would we find you guys on a typical Friday or Saturday night?
It’s a toss-up; we could either be at home, cooking and drinking wine and being cozy, or we could be out in the Old Port with our friends, trying to keep up with all of the new restaurants and bars.

What’s the last trip you took together? Why that spot?
We went to Spain in July to attend the wedding of one of Patrick’s cousins, and then we explored the northern coast of Spain with Patrick’s parents and sister. It is incredibly beautiful there, and the food is so good!

What’s something we can expect to see at your wedding?
We have some tricks up our sleeves...wait and see!


Dogs or Cats? Cats
Netflix or Amazon Prime? Netflix
Oceanfront or Mountain Top? Oceanfront
Endless Summer or Winter Wonderland? Endless summer
Dine In or Dine Out? Dine In - Patrick is a great cook, and Tara loves to bake!
Sunset or Sunrise? Sunset - we are not morning people!


Any advice for couples reading this that are about to plan their own wedding/Best wedding planning advice you've received to date?
Don’t try to make all decisions at once - enjoy the process of planning and tackle one thing at a time! Planning a wedding is great practice for how you two will work together to navigate life!