Chit Chat with a Cunningham Couple: Chelsea and Colby

I LOVE this couple's advice: "Plan early!" and "Mom's rock!"

Names: Colby Roy & Chelsea Caprio
Hometown(s) & Current Town: Westbrook, ME
Wedding Date: September 29, 2018


How’d you know s/he was the one?
We went to visit Colby’s brother and sister in law in Alaska about 6 months into our relationship and had a terrible, delayed, overnight flight home with work the next day, but we made it through that and that made us realize we could get through most things.

Where would we find you guys on a typical Friday or Saturday night? 
Usually having a game night with friends or dinner and a movie

What’s the last trip you took together? Why that spot?
Last trip was to Italy in April, Colby heads up the Travel Club at Lewiston High School and that was the 2018 trip / first school trip we both got to go on.

What’s something we can expect to see at your wedding? 
We’re both pretty nerdy so there will be some subtle, Harry Potter and Star Wars elements, we are also hoping to have a bunch of yard games for guests to play!


Dogs or Cats? Dogs!
Netflix or Amazon Prime? Both, Colby would say Netflix but I’m an Amazon girl
Form or Function? Function
Oceanfront or Mountain Top? Oceanfront
Toilet Paper: Over or Under? Over for sure
Endless Summer or Winter Wonderland? Endless summer 
Dine In or Dine Out? Dine out, we love checking out new restaurants 
Sunset or Sunrise? Sunrise


Any advice for couples reading this that are about to plan their own wedding/Best wedding planning advice you've received to date?
Plan early! When we got engaged we thought a year was plenty of time to plan everything, turns out most things wedding related book out more than a year in advance so definitely start early! Etsy has been my new best friend for decorations, table numbers, bridesmaid gifts, general ideas, etc. We’ve also just been trying to enjoy the year of engagement and involving family as much as we can with planning, Moms rock!