Using Plaid Wedding Accents

As seen on  Ruffled

As seen on Ruffled

I absolutely love plaid. So does T. We actually have to call dibs when LL Bean or Woolrich comes out with new patterns to make sure we don’t buy the same thing!

I like the idea of carrying this plaid obsession into wedding accents as well. While you may not want a completely plaid wedding, the pattern can add an unexpected accent to your décor and color scheme. 

I also love that it works within several seasons and themes. While conventionally, people may associate plaid with snowy, New Year’s Eve weddings, or chilly, fall celebrations decked out with wool blankets by the fire, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the pattern into even your summer wedding! Look for a plaid pattern with pastel colors, choose a gingham plaid, or look for the pattern on a linen, sheer, or lightweight cotton fabric to make it summer-appropriate.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for a range of ideas on how to use this versatile pattern!