Chit Chat with a Cunningham Couple: Mariah & Sam

I love that Sam told their friends he was going to marry her after their first date...back in HIGH SCHOOL! Such a sweet love story!

Names: Mariah Callender and Samson Guimond
Any Nicknames? Ri and Gui
Hometown(s) & Current Town: We both grew up in Portland and just bought our first house in Westbrook
Wedding Date: October 6, 2018


How’d you know s/he was the one?
After our first “date” (high school), Sam told one of our mutual friends that he was going to marry me some day :-)

Where would we find you guys on a typical Friday or Saturday night?
Recently, working on our house, having some beers with our closest friends.

What’s the last trip you took together? Why that spot?
Bar Harbor for a long weekend and to my surprise our engagement!

What’s something we can expect to see at your wedding?
A lot of people saying they have been waiting for this day for YEARS.

Which actor would play each of you in a Hollywood Blockbuster?
Shooting for the stars and going to say Blake Lively and Tom Hardy


Dogs or Cats? Dogs
Netflix or Amazon Prime? Prime
Form or Function? Function
Oceanfront or Mountain Top? Feel like we have to say mountain top since we got engaged on the top of one, but both!
Toilet Paper: Over or Under? No preference surprisingly, since we are OCD about everything else
Endless Summer or Winter Wonderland? Endless summer
Dine In or Dine Out? Dine In
Sunset or Sunrise? Sunset


Any advice for couples reading this that are about to plan their own wedding/Best wedding planning advice you've received to date?
Make sure to take a step back every once and awhile. Enjoy the process, you only get to it once!