Our Favorite Wedding Gift Idea

Whether it’s for your new husband, wife, best friend, sibling, child, or any other relation to the bride and groom, we have a definite favorite when it comes to a wedding gift idea.

We believe that the best gifts are thoughtful, personal, and truly show you took the time to pick something that would be valued.

So what is our favorite gift? A piece of art commissioned for the couple to forever remember their wedding day in their home together!

I know for some people out there, it sounds intimidating to “commission an artist” to do a one-of-a-kind piece. I, myself, commissioned an artist years ago to do a piece for my brother and sister-in-law as their wedding gift, and I can promise, the process was actually quite fun! Depending on the artist, you can talk about medium, size, subject, color palette, etc. My brother’s wedding was on a local island, so I set out to find an artist who worked on the island. You can also find artist’s on etsy, social media, or perhaps there is a relative that could work on a piece to make it that much more special!

We had the pleasure to work with two artists this past season who were asked to complete artwork for the bride and groom. Both had different styles, both chose different imagery from around the farm (the reception barn + ceremony spot), and both were equally special.

Take a look below, and consider this idea the next time you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift!