Chit Chat with a Cunningham Couple: Kat & Nick

Kat was the first bride to book Cunningham Farm, so naturally, her and Nick hold a very special place in our hearts! I'm especially excited to catch a glimpse of their dessert table mentioned below!

Names: Nicholas & Kathryn
Any Nicknames? Nick & Kat
Hometown(s) & Current Town: Nick grew up in Bridgton, ME and Kat grew up in Naples, ME. We’re currently living in Carlsbad, CA.
Wedding Date: September 1, 2018

Photos by T Dow Photography


Where would we find you guys on a typical Friday or Saturday night?
Riding our bikes to the beach to catch the sunset, trying out a new brewery, or hosting friends for dinner, drinks and cards.

What’s the last trip you took together? Why that spot?
Nashville, to celebrate our engagement with some of our closest friends.

What’s something we can expect to see at your wedding? 
A dessert table filled with every kind of whoopie pie you could ever want.

Which actor would play each of you in a Hollywood Blockbuster?
Blake Lively, in all of her films, and Tom Cruise, in Top Gun.


Dogs or Cats? Both, always.
Netflix or Amazon Prime? We check both depending on what we’re looking for.
Form or Function? Function.
Oceanfront or Mountain Top? In Maine, both. In California, both. We’re spoiled to have grown up with oceans and mountains nearby.
Toilet Paper: Over or Under? Kat, over, but Nick could not care less. You’ll often find Kat switching it over from whichever Nick does.
Endless Summer or Winter Wonderland? Endless summer but we love the little slice of winter we get when we’re home for the holidays.
Dine In or Dine Out? Dine in but if it’s a weekend, we try to make going out to dinner more of a social event.
Sunset or Sunrise? Sunset, unless the surf is good then sunrise.


Any advice for couples reading this that are about to plan their own wedding/Best wedding planning advice you've received to date?
Relax! The planning process has a way of consuming your every thought and tends to be super overwhelming but no matter what, whether you get that caterer or another caterer, that photographer or another, you’re going to get married and it will be the best day.