Chit Chat with a Cunningham Couple: Kelly & Ted

Part of what T and I love most about running Cunningham Farm is meeting all the different couples and their families. We're also really lucky, because we have some absolutely wonderful couples in this inaugural 2018 season! In an effort to share a little bit about these amazing people and their love stories, we'll be asking questions to help you all get to know them before you ultimately see us gushing over their wedding weekends!

First up? Kelly and Ted! Weekends spent at a brewery with a pup?! Sign us up!!

Names: Ted & Kelly 
Any Nicknames? Ted’s family calls him Teddy 
Hometown(s) & Current Town: Kelly: Great Meadows, NJ; Ted: Cumberland, Maine. Current town: Denver, Colorado 
Wedding Day Celebration: 8/18/2018


How’d you know s/he was the one?
Kelly says, “Ted and I met while studying abroad in Florence Italy, and have been having fun ever since. He’s my best friend and I can’t imagine spending the rest of life’s adventures with anyone else.” Ted says, “I knew Kelly was the one because ever since the beginning when we first started dating everything has just been easy. Nothing is complicated, nothing feels forced its just smooth going. Even when it isn’t easy or we are on each other’s nerves, it is smooth. Since I first met her in Italy it has just clicked.”

Where would we find you guys on a typical Friday or Saturday night?
Camping somewhere in Colorado, or at a brewery with our puppy. 

What’s the last trip you took together? Why that spot?
Costa Rica. We went on family vacation there with the Armstrong’s and did everything from relax by the pool, to deep sea fishing, to zip lining through a river canyon! It had been a bucket list destination for us both. 

What’s something we can expect to see at your wedding?
We bought both of our parents dance lessons- so watch out for their newly learned moves! You can also expect our friend Brianna to be dancing like crazy until you make her leave. 

Which actor would play each of you in a Hollywood Blockbuster? 
We will dream big and go with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson ;) 


Dogs or Cats? Dogs
Netflix or Amazon Prime? Netflix 
Form or Function? Function
Oceanfront or Mountain Top? Hmmm… tough one when we live in Colorado, but ultimately I think we both agree on oceanfront
Toilet Paper: Over or Under? We’re just lucky if someone takes the time to actually put a new roll on!
Endless Summer or Winter Wonderland? Endless summer!
Dine In or Dine Out? Dine out
Sunset or Sunrise? Sunset


Any advice for couples reading this that are about to plan their own wedding/Best wedding planning advice you've received to date?
The first few months feel very overwhelming and stressful, but also a lot of fun! Once the big things are nailed down- you will have time to enjoy it so take the time in the beginning to have less stress down the road.