Introducing the "Something Blue Suite"

We're so excited to finally share the suite we've been working on for our couples!

We replaced the linoleum, gray floors with wide-planked white oak, finished with tung oil. I had never knowingly walked on floors that had a tung oil finish, and I must say, I'm so happy T pushed for it! They're absolutely beautiful and wear incredibly well.

Originally, I had planned to paint over the wood paneling to brighten up the walls but still keep some texture. Unfortunately, by the time you sanded the finish off enough to make paint stick, the paneling looked terrible! Plan B? Dry wall went up and T added in extra molding to frame out the windows - which by the way, those windows have the best view looking out over the property!

We pulled out all the cabinets, and turned the large closet into a wet bar. We also removed the fluorescent lighting and replaced them with plenty of canned lights so the room is bright and cheery on even the dreariest of days!

Finally, it was time to decorate! I wanted it to be a comfortable place to get ready in. I stuck with more of the farmhouse vibe and added blue accents throughout the room to tie it all together. After that, calling it the Something Blue Suite just seemed to fit!

We made a designated hair and makeup station, and added hooks high on the ceiling in a removed corner to hang dresses in view but out of the way of any drink accidents!

Now that it's ready, I look forward to filling it with happy memories as our couples get ready for their weddings with their closest friends and family!

Take a look at the before and after below.