Introducing Emmitt, the Farm Dog!

I know eventually our dog will sneak a paw or tail into the corner of one of our pictures that I don't notice, so it seems only right to give him a formal introduction on the blog before that happens. Plus, we love dogs. And as fanatic puppy parents, we want to give him a moment in the spotlight!

Emmitt is a four and half year old adopted plott hound/lab mix. He's paw-ssibly the most excited to be living out on the farm. He's been charged with running security on the ground hogs, geese, and other critters. 

Best of all, he gets to swim every day now. While we can't get him to fetch on dry land, throwing anything into a body of water gets him moving. I guarantee 99% of his pictures will be of a sopping wet dog, fresh out of the pond!