A Gift for the Farm, Just in Time for the Holidays!

cunningham farm.jpg

Fact: I’m obsessed with watercolors. I think the artwork is so soft and beautiful. Because of this, I got excited months ago when I happened upon a certain Instagram account. It was a watercolor map of Alaska (no, we’ve never been, but HELLO, Bucket List!).

I loved the way the map captured the essence of Alaska, and used “Alaskan things” to help map out an area. I thought to myself ‘Hmmm…that could be a great idea to help show people where the farm is located!’ Our website hadn’t even gone live yet, so I didn’t give it too much consideration.

Weeks later, we had officially launched the business, and I found myself constantly going back to that map. I decided to reach out to the artist, Lauren Taylor of Lauren Taylor Creates, and see if she would even consider doing a custom map for us.

Lauren wrote back in no time at all and kindly agreed to take on the task! She was so easy to work with and extremely open to any ideas I sent her way. We had seen a couple sketches and progress images while we worked with her, but this afternoon we got the final digital image, and I couldn’t wait to get it up on the website and show all of you!

It’s just the perfect gift for the farm, and it’s right in time for the holiday season!

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